Celebrating Cinco De Mayo out on the Grill

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  It's a beautiful day and many of you may be heading out later tonight to have a celebratory margarita (or two) at your favorite Mexican hangout , but that isn't the only way to celebrate the holiday.  If you're anything like us, you'll use any excuse to break out the grill and make something amazing.

Sunny day... should totally BBQ.   Great work day...obviously deserves something amazing on the grill.  Bad work day... BBQ could only make it better.  

Cinco De Mayo...? YES, totally a day you should be outside on the grill.  Click [here] to check out this great blog post featuring the Top Ten Cinco de Mayo grilling recipes and take your celebration off their patio and on to yours!

As for the margaritas, well...we have you covered there too :)  Click [here] to check out some great margarita recipes you can try at home.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! (AKA your new favorite excuse to BBQ)



Posted on May 5, 2015 .