D i a n a  A s p i n w a ll

J.D. Diggs was born out of my love of BBQ and strong desire to keep my family’s BBQ heritage alive.  My Dad, Al Aspinwall had always dreamed of bottling the famous family BBQ sauce from his parent’s restaurant “The Pig” in Jesup Georgia. “The Pig” was a legend and a landmark in Jesup as far as BBQ places went.  In 2004, I decided it was time to make my Dad’s dream come true and started bottling the famous “Pig Sauce” as J.D. Diggs sauce and selling it in local stores and on the internet.  

In 2004, I started a small catering business, J.D. Diggs, LLC as a way to promote J.D. Diggs sauce and rubs; J.D Diggs specializes in BBQ sauce and Rub. In my own way, I am keeping my family’s BBQ tradition alive and well using the same recipes my grandparents did when their restaurant “The Pig” first opened, in Jesup. I could think of no greater tribute to my dad or my family’s BBQ heritage.   This journey for me started as a way to make my Dad’s dream come true since he wasn’t able to see this dream fulfilled because he fell ill in January of 1980 and lived the remainder of his life in a coma before passing away in October of 1998.  His dream of someday bottling the famous sauce has turned into my passion and I continue to be grateful each day for this gift he gave me.